Katie Piper – What’s in My Head Tour

No apologies for the inclusion of a post that’s not makeup related when it’s about the remarkable TV presenter and philanthropist Katie Piper.

I was fortunate to meet Katie as part of her “What’s In My Head” tour, where she spoke with amazing frankness and honesty about her battles with anxiety following the 2008 acid attack arranged by her ex-boyfriend which left her partially blind and with severe facial and body scarring.

Though a strong and inspirational woman, Katie didn’t shy from sharing some very intimate moments about the low points and insecurities of her continuing journey to psychological and physical recovery; unsurprisingly there where many. Saying that, Katie is a fighter and the show had a very positive theme and was much more about being a survivor than a victim.

Drawing on her own life experiences Katie shared very practical advice on how she coped personally and how she still deals with life challenges. There were messages in her words for everyone and knowing what she’s been through made Katie a very credible speaker and those words particularly powerful.

Determined to increase awareness, improve outcomes and provide support to burn victims throughout their recovery, Katie set up the Katie Piper Foundation in 2009.

You can follow Katie on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/katiepiper_

Last minute makeup fact – Katie’s Makeup Artist is  Toby Salvietto  who was also in the audience on the night.