I have read lots of books, publications, documents during my on going journey of discovering the real me. Many have been useful in helping to try to explain what makes me tick, why am I like this etc.

Christiane has listed some good reads on her TG web page and I thought I would say a little more about some that have helped me.


He or She by Vicky Lee

I have personally found this book invaluable on my journey. Originally printed in 2006 but still useful and informative today. There is a huge amount of “me” in the book and I’m sure if you read it you will find your journey and story somewhere in there too.

Very well researched, presented and written, Vicky has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the transgender world spanning many years. She runs the Way out Club in London and Way out Publishing, a specialist TG publisher.

He or She is very easy to read and a real eye opener! Lots of photographs and real life stories from across the spectrum. The book covers many areas and facets from casual cross dressing to full gender reassignment and everything in between!

It is broken down into sub sections.

  • Why do we cross dress?
  • How to achieve a realistic female image, shape wear and outer clothing.
  • Wigs, hair, makeup, deportment etc.
  • Legal issues, the work place, relationships, coping in the real world, psychological, physiological, medical issues and much more.

From the first timer to the more experienced, through to those considering hormones and surgery. Lots of helpful tips and advice.

I have purchased several copies over the years and loaned or given them away to those I’ve met: those just starting on their journey; HR department store managers; TG support Groups; Beauticians etc.

Everybody who has read the book has been fascinated, impressed, challenged, helped. Eyes have been opened, questions answered, anxieties, worries etc aired in a very positive way.

I’ve read He or She numerous times and although I have never met Vicky face to face we have spoken and emailed each other in the past. I was delighted  to be asked to write a review for the publication in a Transgender Magazine! Even to this day I still can’t put it down. It’s a great book to just dip into!

Pearls of Asia by Lee Geiger

This book is a romantic detective murder mystery featuring a transgender twist published in 2014 and set in San Francisco. It is an irresistible and fun story featuring five fictional transgender women. Each with a compelling unique story to tell.

The main theme is a thought provoking romance between a pre- operative transexual woman and a heterosexual male detective. Lots of twists and turns. A fun read, hard to put down once started!

Alice in Genderland by Richard J Novic, MD

This book is a fantastic true story read. It is the account of a Harvard educated psychiatrist cross dresser in search of himself, herself and the truth that makes him, her tick!

Alice in Genderland is a fascinating read. Richard, Alice runs a medical practice, is married and has a family.

It is a fascinating, gripping account of his, her life over many years. The highs and the lows, with no stone left unturned. There is lots of medical research, medical journals, papers, articles, references etc relating to TG issues from a psychiatrists point of view. I’ve looked at some of them with my medical counsellor.

Alice is well known and respected in her native America. She has written widely, appeared on TV, conferences, conventions and media.

I found her story very much like my own. We have a lot in common! Her book is very helpful and inspiring. Truly gripping, thought provoking, challenging, hard to put down. We are all on a journey and at different stages along the road. We all though have many common threads to our journeys!

I hope you enjoy these reads. All have been a great help to me!


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  1. Regina
    Regina says:

    I will definitely be looking out for these publications but one that was a real eye opener for me was Tula Cossey’s “My Story” (I am a woman) in the late 70s/early 80s. I saw Tula (Caroline) as a totally beautiful woman and it was really hard to imagine that she had been born as a male although there were lots of pictures of her as a young boy. The book showed just how brave she had been on her journey into womanhood in an era that was nowhere near as accepting as it is now. I used to dream about following her wonderful journey but alas like most of us girls it did eventually turn out to be just that, a dream.

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Regina,

      I bought a copy of her book years ago.
      I agree she is totally convincing!
      There is quite a lot about her on Youtube
      There are many more stories now in the media and on line.
      People of all ages! Fascinating!
      I have friends who have fully transitioned, others partially.

      Amanda x


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