You are not alone! Help is out there!

Some encouragement! You have found this site and my blog because you needed professional help with your make up, beauty routines etc. You probably found it via the internet. Christiane may well be your first contact. Don’t be worried or anxious , she is there to help and support you, to give you the tips and the skills you need to look as convincing as possible.

I really know and understand your anxiety. It takes a lot of nerve (bottle) to contact, to ask for help and turn up! Maybe a friend, partner etc. has guided and helped you along your path of discovery. This was me years ago. I took the plunge and asked for help. My wife said to me that I needed help and guidance with my make up skills and routine. If I was to go out and present en femme to the world I needed to look as convincing as possible. She was worried about me! You need to invest in yourself.

Convincing make up is a challenge. There are so many products out there to choose from! Where is this all going? I belong to several TG Support Groups and Christiane’s name came up several times in a recent web chat. She is there to help you on your journey. She is very understanding and supportive. She is also very talented!

Over the years I have built up an excellent network of TG friendly companies and shops. The owners have become friends! Only recently I visited a friend who owns a local Dress Agency. She contacted me as she had two skirts and a lovely pair of grey long boots for sale and thought I might be interested. Come for a chat and try on. This was an invitation I could not decline. Well the rest is history, an early Christmas treat for Amanda!

You will be amazed how much help and support is out there. You only have to ask or look on the internet. I’m hopefully moving away after 40 years living locally in the New Year. I have a huge network of contacts that have helped me over the years. How will I cope, survive with moving away. Well, I have already found local TG groups, a Psychologist with TG Counselling expertise, Beauticians to help me, Laser Hair Removal practitioners, Dress Agencies, Boutiques, dress shops that are all very TG supportive. My local beautician friends have been incredibly helpful and supportive over the years and become a real friends. All are being contacted more and more by males wanting feminising beauty treatments. I regularly have waxing, eyebrow treatments, nail extensions, lash perming, and extensions.

Over many years I have had some lovely chats. Pre-Covid we often went out for drinks, meals etc. Nobody was ever phased. Many were fascinated, some thought I had a lot of bottle! Some said that it’s so nice to express yourself as you feel. Amanda has been invited to their charity fund raising events, drinks parties, fashion previews etc. I’m now so comfortable in my own skin! Some of you might have found rejection in your requests for help. This is hard. I have only experienced this once many years ago when I visited a boutique. The owner said no. I asked why was this. Her answer was she had had time wasters visit her shop and they just wanted to try on lovely dresses. This says it all!

Today things have changed so much. Your money is as good as anybody’s! Lockdowns have caused many issues in the TG community. No groups, face to face meetings, discussions, no beauty treatments, isolation, friction, anxiety, loneliness, mental health issues, family issues, relationships, work, the list is endless! I started my journey many years ago. I was anxious, scared, confused! I asked for help and have had so much over the years. I can still remember the first time I ventured out fully en femme as Amanda. It was so scary! I felt very vulnerable but after a few minutes felt at ease. My journey had just started. There was no going back! Over the many years of my journey I have come across people in all spectrums of the TG community. Some still in the closet, some fully transitioned, many somewhere in-between . All have needed help along their journey.

Have confidence, ask for help, step out and enjoy the real you!

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  1. Regina Newlands
    Regina Newlands says:

    I absolutely loved your latest blog instalment and found your words very helpful and comforting. This past year has been a very challenging one for all of us girls and it is lovely to hear someone else’s take on what has been going on. I was lucky enough to be able to visit Christiane for a makeover in September and I was absolutely blown away with the result she achieved transforming this very ordinary looking man into a stunning woman. I was hoping to repeat the experience a few weeks ago in December but unfortunately circumstances dictated otherwise and I have promised myself that I will be back to see her at some point in 2021. I have a raceday at the Brighton ladies day pencilled in for August and my goal is to have my makeup applied by Christiane prior to my big day out.
    It is so lovely to hear that you have so much support from your Wife, friends and different trades that you can totally rely upon and I would like to wish you all the luck in the World as we enter another year and that you manage to stay as healthy and safe as possible.
    Hugs. Regina. 💋

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Dear Regina,
      I’m so pleased you found my article helpful and encouraging.
      It’s been a very challenging time for us all!
      A few days ago I was on a zoom Christmas meet up with a Transgender Support Group I go to.
      All the issues in my article were raised!
      Help is out there and is still available but, I like many find it very hard not to be able to meet face to face!
      I’m also so grateful to having a supportive wife, family and friends who embrace and support me.
      Many out there do not have this love and support.
      Hopefully 2021 and vaccines on the horizon will help us all move forward.
      I hope you get to Brighton ladies day. A great fun day out!
      Christiane will make you look STUNNING!!!
      I hope also to get out to events and weekends away.
      Keep safe!

      Best wishes

      Amanda x

  2. Christiane
    Christiane says:

    Hi Regina, thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you’re doing well and look forward to seeing you in 2021 – I’m sure that a better year awaits us all! Amanda’s latest blog is a great addition, I’m so pleased you found comfort in her words x

  3. Susie
    Susie says:

    Hi..I have been following Amanda for a little while now. Such bravery in going out! Wish I had the nerve to do it but not sure I could pass!
    Well done you brave girl!

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Susie,
      Thank you for posting.
      Sorry about my belated reply.
      Honestly, just go for it!
      Don’t fight it!
      You will not regret it! I know it is a massive step to take to go out fully en femme and presenting your true self to the world.
      Get some professional help from Christiane or another beautician if not local to her.
      Join a local TG Support Group.
      Loads of links on internet.
      I felt the same about passing and am still very critical about how I look and present en femme.
      If nothing else contact Christiane for help , support and guidance .
      Best wishes on your journey.

      Amanda x


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