Christiane is proud to be a Founding Member of LGBTQ Equality Weddings.

Founded in June 2018, Equality Weddings is for people who want to know that their wedding suppliers understand that the + in LGBTQ+ includes a beautiful diverse group of people whose gender identity or sexual orientation goes beyond the heteronormative wedding industry (and world) and are working hard to change, for the better.”

Ava Korwin – Founder of Equality Weddings

Equality Wedding’s Core Values – The principles and standards that all Equality Wedding Suppliers pledge to embrace;

  • To strive not to assume a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation, based on their appearance or otherwise;
  • To listen to and respect every person’s preference as to how they’d like to be addressed/referred;
  • To share our insight and knowledge with others, where possible, and where appropriate;
  • To endeavour to encourage the representation of all groups when contributing to styled shoots, especially underrepresented groups;
  • To strive to continue to educate ourselves on equality generally;
  • To be kind and supportive to our colleagues and peers if unintentional mistakes are made in relation to inclusive language;
  • To act with honesty and integrity at all times; and
  • To help build a community who are united in making the wedding industry, and the world, a more inclusive place.

©LGBTQ Equality Weddings, 2019-2020. All rights reserved.

To find out more about Equality Weddings and see their full list of approved suppliers, see the link below.

Pronouns – She/Her

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