Amanda’s Transgender Journey

 Amanda’s real life story over the past 40 years.

We are incredibly grateful to Amanda for allowing us to share her journey, her considerable knowledge and her own personal experiences with you.

We’ll update Amanda’s blog as she shares new chapters with us.

With her kind permission and in her own words.

The Beginnings (Part 1)

The Beginnings (Part 1)

It all started in a pub years ago…
6th December 2019/by Christiane

The Beginnings (Part 2)

The Beginnings (Part 2)

After the fancy dress party my mind…
6th December 2019/by Christiane

The Beginnings (Part 3)

The Beginnings (Part 3 )

After a lot of talking with my wife…
6th December 2019/by Christiane

The Beginnings (Part 4)

The Beginnings (Part 4)

By now I was truly out! Many friends…
6th December 2019/by Christiane

Amanda’s Quest for a Cleavage

Lingerie and especially bras are an important part of any woman's…
8th December 2019/by Christiane

So where is this all going? What has been achieved?

It's taken me many years to accept myself. I'm really fortunate…
8th December 2019/by Christiane

Not Black or White, but Shades of Grey.

Moving on and moving forward, Amanda is still work in progress.…
27th December 2019/by Christiane

Laser Hair Removal – Hair Today! Gone Tomorrow!

I can still remember my first time out fully dressed as Amanda.…
19th February 2020/by Christiane

You are not alone! Help is out there!

18th December 2020/by Christiane

Book Reviews – What’s helped me!

I have read lots of books, publications, documents during my…
31st March 2020/by Christiane

A 1-2-1 Make Up Master Class with Christiane

Hopefully you will have seen from previous articles Amanda is…
21st January 2020/by Christiane

Bridal Adventures

Bridal Adventures

Amanda has been dressing for years and…
6th December 2019/by Christiane

A Fresh Start!

Out on an Island! A Fresh Start!

It’s been quite a challenging…
8th May 2022/by Christiane

I Am What I Am!

Some words of encouragement!

It has been a while since I last…
4th April 2023/by Christiane

Opportunities and Openings

It has been a while since I posted and quite a lot has happened…
2nd January 2024/by Christiane

To be continued …

We’ll update Amanda’s blog as she shares new chapters…
8th December 2019/by Christiane

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