The Beginnings (Part 2)

After the fancy dress party my mind was spinning! We drove back to Jenny’s house, my head was still spinning! I loved the feel of female clothing, a hairless body, make up and was fascinated by the whole feminisation process. Was this normal? Why was I like this? Could I be Amanda again? How could I keep her secret? I was muddled and confused. I had no female clothes of my own. Who could I talk to and share Amanda with? Over a coffee Jenny and I started to chat. Something has happened inside you tonight she said. Something inside you has been triggered off. I’ve been watching you during the evening, you were totally natural! I could see you were enjoying being Amanda and you were fully embracing the whole feminisation process. You look great she said. My clothes fitted you really well. Your legs look great in tights and wearing high heels you were a natural! I never imagined you would go this far! It was really late now! You had better start removing my clothes and make up. You can stay the night if you want in the guest room. Keep the bra, panties and tights on if you like and you can borrow a night dress of mine! Your secrets are safe with me. Amanda was born! In the morning all traces of Amanda were removed including all traces of bright pink nail varnish. We chatted over breakfast. I had no answers! Just lots of questions. Jenny listened, you can keep the tights as a reminder of the evening she smiled, we hugged and said goodbye. This was the late seventies! Amanda would have to go back into her box. I was also in my last year at college training to be a teacher. I would have to put her on the back burner and knuckle down to working for exams and looking for a job. A few months later I started going out with a nurse who was eventually going to be my wife. I was terrified to tell her of Amanda, a fantasy in my mind fearing she might reject me. This was a really hard choice! It was years ago. I was very confused! The TG scene was not really open . It was emerging from the under ground! There was little openly published and no internet to research on, nobody to ask.

We did get married eventually and bought an old Victorian house that needed a complete refurbishment. I had also started a demanding teaching job in a big comprehensive and my wife working in the large local hospital. Again a fancy dress party reared its head. My wife and a girl friend of hers suggested I would make a good looking woman. Little did she know! I loved the idea and went along with it. This time I was going in a nurses uniform. Again the full works! Hair removal was a requirement along with a nurses uniform, starched apron and hat, UCH London! My wife insisted I was fully feminised. She hated seeing men halfheartedly dressed en femme at parties. She borrowed my uniform from her friend Clare. My wife was a size 10 and I was a 14-16. Clare let her borrow her uniform, a dress , apron, hat , shoes and underwear! This was to include black stockings, suspenders, lingerie and a full length slip! After a hot bath the transformation took place. I was given a full make over including toe and finger nails painted, eyebrows trimmed and shaped. Getting fully feminised again was an incredible sensation. I had never worn stockings and suspenders before or a full length under slip. I was in heaven! My wife went dressed rather conservatively to me. She borrowed a hospital theatre gown and went as theatre nurse. We had a great time at the party. I loved every moment and the attention I was getting. Memories flooded back from my first adventure en femme. It felt totally natural as Amanda.

After the party the floodgates opened. We drove home, I was very quiet! What’s the matter she asked? I did not want to take the clothes off. Amanda was out of the box! She was never going back in! We talked for most of the night. Was I gay? Did I want a sex change? No! Why did you not tell me? What’s wrong with me? Am I not attractive? What will neighbours, friends, family etc. think or say? You’re not the man I married. It was a massive shock for her. Being a nurse she had experience with transexuals and transgendered people professionally but, now she was married to one. I need time to work thing out, I still love you but, where is this all going? It took several years to sort out and come to terms with and, amazingly she has supported me fully along the way. You can’t help the way your brain is wired she said. I’m very fortunate to have her. Ground rules needed to be worked out. If you are going to go out as Amanda regularly you need to look convincing and passable. A wardrobe will need to be created.

She does not want to get very actively involved though. She lets me dress at home and go out regularly with the proviso that if a going out in public I must look as convincing as possible. We do go out several times a year as two girls. Achieving my female persona has been far easier than I thought possible. Honesty and openness have greatly helped. I approached a local beauty salon in male mode and explained my desire to dress regularly as a woman and create a feminine image. “No problem” was the answer. “How far do you want to go? A full body wax arms, legs and chest was suggested along with eyebrow waxing and shaping. Was I up for it? Yes I was! The girls who ran the salon wanted to see Amanda dressed. Was I up for that? Yes was the answer. A date was booked for the following week and Amanda emerged smooth and shaped. The finished results were slightly painful but really worth it. The girls recommended I purchased an Epi Lady and wet shaved to keep smooth. The combination works really well. Amanda was now fully out of the box. There was no going back!

PS. Jenny is still a really close friend, she knows all about Amanda and how she has evolved to what she is today. We talk about her regularly but, she has kept her secrets as promised!

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  1. Regina
    Regina says:

    Absolutely loved the second part of your blog. As I replied to part one, I think that you have been really fortunate to be welcomed as Amanda by such understanding people.

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Regina,
      Over the years Amanda has had so much help and encouragement by lots of very supportive friends and people. I was amazed at the help I got just by asking. Everyone I asked was very positive and helpful. This gave me confidence to go further. Without this support and help the journey can be very difficult, challenging and lonely!
      Now I can help others!

      Amanda x


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