The Beginnings (Part 3 )

After a lot of talking with my wife Amanda became accepted! I started visiting several Dressing Services in Portsmouth, London and Chichester. The most helpful was Jane in Chichester. She ran a hair and beauty salon and understood that I did not want to look like a drag queen but, wanted to present myself as a genetic woman. She was great and took me under her wing. She taught me how to dress convincingly, do my hair and make up, how to present myself in public. She also ran a support group and we regularly went out for day trips and evening events in the real world. I also joined the Beaumont Society and went along to support groups. I soon found out I was not alone on this journey of discovery. So what came next? I started to wear silicone breasts glued to me chest and hip and bottom pads. Concealing my male parts more realistically proved fun and a real challenge. I was involved in technology and have been able to make a latex rubber female anatomical form which is glued in place using Hollister medical adhesive. This looks, feels and makes me function like a woman. It can be worn all day. Even my wife was amazed at the illusion. It’s very convincing and hides everything. Similar devices are available on line. I can now wear a swimming costume, go in a hot tub and the sea and not feel vulnerable or exposed. Buying my first swimming costume was fun! I went to M & S and asked for help. I tried on several and selected a blue fitted controlling costume. It gave me a curvy shape. The sales lady asked if she could see me dressed in the costume. Wow she said! You look amazing! She was convinced I had surgery! No man bits! Correct under clothing is very important. For years I have used Marks and Spencer’s, and local Lingerie shops. Correct measuring and fitting is freely available. Everyone I have met has been very helpful and supportive. Realistic results can be achieved. Make up was my next priority. Luckily I have fair hair and light beard cover. Beauty counters and make overs in High Street stores helped develop my look. I also had my ears pieced as part of my feminisation. I had always loved earrings but, made do with clip ons and magnetic fastenings. Amanda now has a lovely collection! Hair came next. Wigs on line! Not a total success. The internet and some issues with styling, colour and maintenance! Clothing and image are very important to me. Amanda is an educated professional, just like her male counterpart. She likes the smart professional look. I’m lucky to be a size 14-16 and have small feet size 40. Local dress agencies were brilliant. I’ve used them for many years. The women who own them have become friends. Also, local boutiques are more than happy to let you try on clothes. Again always be open and honest. Your money is as good as anyone’s. Amanda has never had a problem using her male credit or debit cards. She now has a full summer and winter wardrobe. So there we have it. It takes me an hour to an hour and a half to become Amanda. Where does she go? Anywhere and everywhere, day and night, weekends and weeks away fully en femme. Any excuse I’m dressed and away. Amanda by now was really taking off! Where to I was very unsure! I needed some therapy and counselling and managed to find an NHS set up in Hampshire through a transgender group called Fabuliss that used to meet in Hampshire, (now not running, a sad loss!) I was very apprehensive about going along but it was a real discovery. After several sessions and some psychological tests I came out with a profile saying I was 76% female. This explains a lot! My brain was wired up in a very feminine way! This led on to a long journey of more searching discovery. Amanda was by now going out en femme as often as possible. Regular beauty treatments in local salons helped in the feminisation process. Eye brows tinted and waxed to a more feminine arch, nail extensions, painted toe nails and finger gel and acrylic extensions, spray tans, body hair removed, the list goes on. If you want to look convincing you have to make the effort my incredibly supportive wife told me.

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  1. Regina
    Regina says:

    Once again, WOW. I am absolutely loving following your beautiful journey into womanhood with envious wonderment.

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Dear Regina,
      You can go on your journey just like me!
      There are people out there who will help you. TG Support Groups, lovely people like Christiane, Beauty Therapists, Clothing Shop owners. You are not alone out in the real world. Just ask! More and more people are out there asking!

      Amanda x


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