The Beginnings (Part 1)

It all started in a pub years ago when I was a student with a group of friends. We were all going to a friends 21st birthday party fancy dress party in a few weeks time. Two of my female friends suggested I would look great dressed as a woman. Both commented on my naturally long eye lashes and nicely shaped legs! I did have shorts on! Jenny and Sue would provide me with everything needed to do the transformation. No half measures. Not the man in a dress look with hairy legs, chest and arms. A convincing female. Was I up for it? It was to be a full on transformation! Well, with some trepidation I agreed to the dare. Both girls insisted I removed body hair to look as passable and realistic as possible. A razor and hair removing cream would do the job. Two days before the party I removed all my body hair as requested. To my surprise I really enjoyed the experience of feeling really smooth all over.

Saturday morning arrived, the day of the party. I was asked to arrive at Jenny’s mid morning as there was lots to do to transform me. I was slightly apprehensive on the drive over to Jenny’s parents house. Luckily they were away on holiday caravanning in France. Both girls told me I would need to hide my male parts and gave me some surgical tape. With my tackle secured, I slipped on Jenny’s matching lacy panties, padded bra, and an under slip. A convincing cleavage was also created using the surgical tape. I was the given a pink dressing gown and sat down in a chair for the transformation. Full make up was then applied, toe and finger nails painted, eye brows tamed, a wig put on my head and then a collection of their outer clothes. Sue gave me a new pair of nude coloured tights which looked and felt amazing on my hairless legs. I was then dressed in high heels, short leather skirt, pink top and black leather jacket. The clothes fitted really well. Luckily Jenny’s black high heels fitted really well. Walking was a different story. Not easy! This was complemented by jewellery, clip on ones Jenny bought me as my ears were not pierced then and accessories including a handbag and then finishing off with a liberal spraying of Dior Perfume.

You need a female name Jenny said. Any ideas? I paused for a minute then came out with the name Amanda. Why this name? Well, I fancied at the time a girl called Amanda. Amanda was born in the form of a “Rock Chick.” I was shocked when I saw my reflection in the full size mirror. I looked and felt amazing. I had never dressed on femme before. Deep inner feelings were triggered off. I had never experienced these feelings before. It felt very strange! Jenny and Sue then dressed as Punks, wearing ripped black bin bag dresses showing off red underwear to shock, spiked up coloured hair and outrageous eye make up. Both looked amazing and unrecognisable!

To my horror they then insisted that we went for a drink in a local pub before the party. It was my first adventure out in public! I felt very vulnerable leaving the house fully feminised and getting into a car. I kept looking at my skirt, legs, shoes, nails etc. It felt very strange but, I was really enjoying the whole experience. Both girls put me at ease saying I that I looked fantastic. Just have fun and enjoy yourself. Unknown to me other friends were in the pub all fully dressed before the party in a local village hall. Nobody recognised me or batted an eyelid. At the party friends were amazed at how convincing I looked. Girls came up to me and said I had a lot of bottle to go full on en femme. I felt great! It felt natural. It felt exciting! I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the party. I did not want it to end. Little did I know that this initial step into the feminine world would have so much impact on my life. Amanda was born nearly 40 years ago! A turning point in my life! The events and memories of that Saturday are still vivid in my mind!

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  1. Regina
    Regina says:

    What an absolutely lovely start to your life as Amanda. Such a lucky boy to have had such understanding friends who helped push you along into your femme journey.

    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      It’s been a dream for years to help and encourage others on their journey of discovery. I’m so glad you have enjoyed my journey!

      Amanda x


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