Lingerie and especially bras are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe and even more so for us TG girls. Different looks, moods, images and feelings can be created with these most sensuous of garments. For most T-girls the creation of breasts and a cleavage are very important.

Since writing in issue 54 of Repartee my TG life has really taken off. I’m lucky to be Amanda one to two days a week and sometimes longer if circumstances allow. For years I have used tear-drop shaped silicone inserts, but I wanted more realism and different shapes for varying outfits and styles. My silicones have been fixed using double-sided tape or medical adhesive. I did not want anything permanent, (one can dream!) but needed a new look. I’m lucky that I have natural breast tissue. Lots of internet research followed and lots of ideas. I needed help! For years I have used good old M&S but I decided to look around. I phoned up my local La Senza shop and told them what I wanted to achieve. “Come in ‘dressed’ we would love to help you” they said. An offer Amanda could not refuse.

The La Senza girls were brilliant. Laura rose to the challenge. Using a gel-filled bra with silicone ‘chicken fillets’ and with help from breast tape, she helped me create a very realistic cleavage.  I was amazed at the natural-looking result. Looking down, natural breast tissue filled my new bra. What a look! What a feeling!

Amanda, though, still wanted more. She is a perfectionist. I decided to contact two local independent specialist lingerie shops, found in my local Yellow Pages. I phoned the shops and spoke to the owners. I explained I was a T-girl. No problems, no issues, yes, we can help you achieve a realistic cleavage and yes, you are not alone. We have other TG clients. Yes, we have lots of products. Come in ‘dressed’ and let’s see what we can do. Appointments were quickly made. I could not wait!

Zoe came up with a Nu Bra Gel. Not cheap, but what a result! It can be worn on its own or under another bra. Its sticky back pulls and holds the breast flesh in place. Great for low-cut tops or backless dresses. She has several TG customers and was really keen to help and advise. I believe Leah True used one, or something very similar, on her Mr Miss World adventure on TV Channel 4 and You Tube.

Helen owns the other lingerie shop. Again, I phoned her and booked an appointment. She was most helpful and knowledgeable. She had several catalogues and brochures to show me and lots of ideas. Again, I was amazed to learn that real girls regularly change the shape of their breasts to create new looks. She recommended a mixture of silicone inserts, tape, up-lifters and side-lifters. These are shaped inserts which fit in to the bra and can be attached to the bra or breast using special double-sided tape. Again she helped me shape myself. Lots of looks could be achieved. I could not believe the results.

I have since been very fortunate to meet a fantastic lady called Geraldine Hurd who runs a lingerie business for genetic women and TG’s. Both myself and my friends have purchased from her, so I can highly recommend her business, Hour Glass Figure, with confidence.

I now have all I need to mix and match. A really realistic cleavage can easily be created. Every TG dreams of ‘passing’. Correct bras are very important to get the right look, along with the cleavage, makeup and powder. Money has to be invested, but I love the results. The look and feel is so natural. Several real-girl friends thought I was on hormones or had implants! Such compliments! The pictures of Amanda out and about tell the tale. So don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Regina,
      There is masses of help freely available, one only has to ask!
      Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised!
      Amanda has managed over the years to build a network of TG supportive companies, businesses etc. Christiane is one such lovely person.
      I know that asking does not come easy but I have never been refused help or assistance. You money is as good as anybodies!
      I may have been lucky on my journey but, many of my TG friends will say the same.
      Wherever you are on your journey help is available.
      There are lots of lovely people out there!

      Amanda x


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