The Beginnings (Part 4)

By now I was truly out! Many friends now knew about Amanda. We deliberated for ages as to whether to tell our son. We did when he was in his early 20’s. We were very unsure how he would react. To our astonishment totally unfazed! He totally understood and said it did not matter one iota! He had gay friends but no trans friends. He said he guessed years before that I was different but no issues! What a relief! Amanda has really grown and developed over the last few years! For a long time she had to fit in with work. It was not an easy time but, I’m now retired and can be Amanda far more regularly. I have wanted to present as a female more and more. Beauty treatments are now a regular feature. Eye brows plucked, shaped, waxed, tinted! All body hair removed by waxing and shaving, nail extensions and eye lash extensions added and worn whenever possible, toe nails always painted and spray tans for a natural summer look. I also stated to wear perfume. My confidence was growing all the time. By now I had built up a huge network of supportive friends. Lynne was instrumental in sorting out my hair. She set up Femesque as a consequence of us meeting years before. Girlfriends in the beauty, fashion world were a great help in developing my looks and style. Over the years I have built up a network of TG supportive beauticians, the lists go on! As I’ve said in previous blogs TG supportive groups and societies have been a great help. The Beaumont Society, Fabuliss in Liphook now sadly no longer, Roses Repartee, Transliving , The Surrey Outcrowd have all been embraced. The internet has really been helpful in finding out more and answering questions. Going away en femme to transgender weekends has given me a new perspective and look on the TG Scene. Being asked to talk to groups and people about TG issues has been a great way to gain confidence and give a little back. The Surrey Swans Group has given me openings and opportunities including like with the Police. The TG scene is now far more oped, out and main stream. A lot of my female supportive friends are getting far more enquiries for help, advice and support. Shops are happy to arrange TG events and functions. Personal shopping is freely available in many top shops and companies. Local department stores have asked for advice on how to help, support and embrace the TG Community. So where is all this going? Well I’m so fortunate to have such a supportive wife. She still finds it challenging but we keep talking and exploring. She was very supportive when I started laser hair removal. She also suggested I start having professional TG Counselling which I have been doing for a couple of months.

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    • Amanda
      Amanda says:

      Hi Regina,

      So pleased you have gained from reading my journey.
      My story , journey is very similar to many others!
      I’ve met many people along the way from all walks of life all at different stages of their journey trying to find their real self and getting peace , contentment , acceptance and fulfilment along the way. It has taken years to get this far and find peace and contentment! Amanda is a massive part of me!
      My journey is still ongoing and evolving!

      Amanda x


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